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27 August 2009 @ 10:07 am
tenipuri; the taste of caramel  

the taste of caramel
prince of tennis | kenya/zaizen | t
in which kenya deals with his beloved kouhai
birthday fic for jen ♥

the taste of caramel

As far as Kenya was concerned, there was nothing more terrifying than a completely determined Kintarou. On the court, there was no doubt the scrawny boy was a demon (in fact, Kenya liked to amuse himself with the notion that Kintarou's demonic power was the reason why his hair was tinted the shade it was), but off the court, the boy was a force to be reckoned with. There was absolutely no stopping the boy once his mind was set to it.

Unless you had an arm that pulsed with hellish poisons like Shiraishi did.

Unfortunately, Kenya had perfectly normal appendages that did not threaten his menace of a kouhai in any way, leaving him in his current (and rather woeful) predicament.

"Koharu says you taste like caramel," the younger boy stated with a curious expression. Curse Koharu and his hobby of raining misery unto Kenya's perfectly normal life, that conniving, heartless bastard. Resisting the urge to scowl, Kenya shoved his hands in his pockets and raised an eyebrow at the potentially dangerous statement. Potentially dangerous because with Kintarou, anything that piqued the boy's unyielding thirst of useless knowledge could lead to awkward and unwanted situations.

Like the time Koharu told Kintarou that rubbing Ishida's head could potentially bring good fortune to the team.

The joke had been hilarious at first, with Kintarou sneaking touches at Gin's smooth head right before their match against one of the better teams in the Kansai district, but when they utterly crushed their opponents (not that any of them, aside from Kintarou, had any doubt they would), the good luck-rubs soon became an annoyingly frequent tradition of their precious kouhai. Only after being properly threatened by Shiraishi and his death arm did Kintarou stop, much to their larger teammate's obvious relief.

There was no way in hell Kenya was going to let something like that happen to himself.

"Koharu-senpai," Kenya corrected, despite his initial bitterness towards the bespectacled teen. "And what if I don't?"

Kintarou scrunched his nose and tilted his head slightly, an expression that Kenya was all too familiar with. "But Koharu-senpai said—"

"Forget what he said," Kenya cut in with a forced smile. "I don't taste like anything, alright?"

"But Kenya's hair is the color of caramel," Kintarou pointed out. Kenya frowned, a hand subconsciously making its way to his light brown locks. They weren't really the color of caramel, in his opinion, and if anything they were more—wait, that wasn't the point.

"I don't taste like caramel, Kin-chan."

Much to his dismay, Kintarou looked unconvinced. Kenya could only guess what was going through his hopelessly resolute kouhai's mind. "I want to taste."

Kenya blinked. "You what?"

But before he could process anything further, Kintarou had promptly proceeded to lick his cheek, leaving a frozen Kenya to stare in shock. When he recovered from his surprise, he hastily wiped his cheek and scowled. "You didn't just lick me."

"Kenya doesn't taste like caramel at all."

Kenya was about to tell the younger boy that he told him so, when a familiar voice laced with amusement cut him off. "That's because you have to do it like this."

And on that note, Kenya's personal space was violated a second time by the other kouhai on his team, leaving him standing in shock once more. Hikaru's soft lips covered his own, and only when a tongue darted towards his bottom lip did Kenya snap out of his stupor, pulling Hikaru closer in response. Their lips moulded together, nipping and sucking, and their tongues slid against each other, exploring the depths of their partner's mouth. And after successfully dominating his kouhai into moaning submission, Kenya pulled away, smirking as a dazed Hikaru attempted to fix his rumpled uniform.

"See, Kin?" Hikaru drawled, licking his slightly swollen lips. "Caramel."


Naoe Nagi: Tenimyu: Shitenhouji- Zaizenamyused on August 28th, 2009 06:06 am (UTC)
Oh, lol! That was awesome! :D I only wish it had been longer!
ノジ: i liek BULBASAURSassassinate on August 28th, 2009 06:38 am (UTC)
I'm glad! :)♥ Awww, well to be honest, I had originally planned omit being longer, but it fel right ending it where I did, so I simply stopped. Ahaha. 8);;;
Naoe Nagi: Tenimyu: Shitenhouji- Kenyaamyused on August 28th, 2009 06:41 am (UTC)
Ah! That wasn't to say that it didn't work well where you did end it. ^^ I only wish there had been more to read, since it was so fun. ^_^ <3
ノジ: aiMIYAassassinate on August 28th, 2009 07:02 am (UTC)
Oh, of course, of course! :) I wasn't upset or anything with your comment, ahaha. In fact, I'm brimming in happiness that you liked the plot enough to want more of it. ♥ I adore writing Shitenhouji fics so I'm hoping I'll be able to pull another fic out with them. :3

Also, eeek! I'm completely charmed by your Shitenhoujimyu icons! ♥ As sad as this may sound, I haven't gotten arond to watching the myu yet. |D;;;
Naoe Nagi: Tenipuri: Shitenhouji- In no way shapeamyused on August 28th, 2009 07:10 am (UTC)
As a reader, I hope that you can pull more fic out for them, too. ^_^ There really doesn't seem to be enough fic for Shitenhouji, if you ask me.

I was really happy to find ShitenMyu icons! ^_^ Didn't make them myself, but I really like them. I hope you get to watch the myu! :D It's really good! Both versions, really, since I ended up liking ShitenhoujiA, but 5th cast Seigaku best. ^^ Both are really good, though.
ノジ: SEXY shiraishiassassinate on September 7th, 2009 12:24 am (UTC)
I'll definitely try to! :) YES! I completely agree. There's simply not enough Shitenhouji in the world. :(

I'm definitely going to try watch the myu once school levels out. 8) Zaizen looks so pretty♥